Chef Chihiro Yamazaki designed the menu of the Opera Restaurant in line with the theme of this magical place, seeking the right balance between classicism and modernism, around fresh and seasonal produce.

A kitchen brigade at the Opera

Chef Chihiro Yamazaki à l'Opéra Garnier

A lover of gastronomy was found.

He quietly reinterprets in his so very creative own way the richness of its soil.

This lover of quality products and challenging combinations likes to push perfectionism to the extreme. Eeach dish is precisely balanced bringing subtle and sophisticated flavours to the palate.

Authenticity, rigor, creativity, such are the words defining the so personal work of Chef Chihiro Yamazaki.

For the creation of the menu, he works with Pastry Chief which forms the heart of team at the Opera.

A Traditional and Contemporary Menu

Together, they drew up the menu of the restaurant to match the image of the architecture, where contemporary shapes imagined by the architect Odile Decq answer the traditional shapes of Charles Garnier.

The menu is declined in the form of traditional dishes to which other, imagined and thought in a resolutely creative way, answer. Such as the Opéra desert which is reinvented with honey, collected on the roofs of the Opera Garnier.

The two of them push local and season products.

At the bar, the cocktails follow the same theme. Thus, the very traditional “Martini Charles” answers to the surprising and diverting “Phantôm by Martini”

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