The french architect Odile Decq, head of the ODBC agency since 1979, imagined the amazing restaurant of the Palais Garnier, "L'Opéra"

The project

The Opera Garnier in the early years

This project is a continuation of the history of the Palais Garnier. In 1875, Charles Garnier stated in its "final draft" that he wanted to create a restaurant in the Rotonde du Glacier. In 1973 and 1992 two previous attempts failed.

After 136 years, the wishes of Charles Garnier have finally been achieved, and come to realisation in the place where theatre goers entered their carriages.

This achievement has been orchestrated by Pierre François Blanc and by the famous architect Odile Decq.

A contemporary shaped architecture

The entrance to the restaurant at the Opera Garnier

Inside, a mezzanine and a freestanding veil of glass made of sinuous shapes fill the height of the space and turn around existing pillars, but without touching them. The total area of 788 m2 is divided into: the hall, the Martini lounge bar and the mezzanine.

Outside, the tables designed by the architect are placed on the pavement of the Opera, and extend over more than 500 m2 in the heart of Paris.

This project responds intelligently and elegantly to the challenge and is completely reversible.

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